How it works

2. Schedule a time to start

1. Create your own Clickroom

5. download transcripts, analyse & share

3. Invite Your Respondents

4. Chat, moderate, observe

The Clickroom is easy to set up and has all the tools you need to conduct focus groups online. In these challenging times of Coronavirus, we have reduced our pricing by 75% to allow you to continue your qualitative research safely.  

Pre-recruited participants access the room using a username and password.

They are provided with their online character, which they can personalise.

The moderator welcomes and runs the group using their own online character.

Multiple clients can view the group, invisible to the participants, and are in direct contact with the moderator.

The moderator chats to the group by typing into the console, participants respond, and an exportable chat history captures the whole discussion.

Stimulus materials, such as video, pictures, audio files and websites, can be shown by the moderator. These items are also included in the transcript.

The Rooms You Can Set up

The Green Room

This is a waiting room for the session where members can communicate with the moderator. Each member of the group is in their own lobby until the session begins.

Main Area

An interactive discussion group where media content can be added to aid the group’s understanding of a subject, or act as a stimulus for the moderator to guide conversation.

Breakout Area

An area where moderators can take a subset of the participants to discuss emerging themes without addressing the entire group.

Client Area

Allows clients to enter the virtual world and witness the focus group live. Participants can also be invited to the client area for further discussion.

How Dubit can help you further

Dubit is a full service research agency and can help manage and coordinate your research project. We can arrange tailored recruitment, discussion guide design, moderation of groups, analysis of qualitative data, reporting and presentation of findings. Or, if you would like support with only a few specific stages, we can step in when you need us.

Alternatively, our team can provide full training for The Clickroom to allow you to run the project from start to finish, with your own participants and moderators.