Greater participation & openness and the ability to create your own setting


Greater participation & openness, ease of use and the ability to create your own setting...

Add depth to your online research through Dubit's unique virtual viewing facilities - used for focus groups or meetings with people from anywhere in the world – and all from the comfort of your home or office.

Online Demos

Want to know what running a group actually looks like? Watch these videos below


A group moderator takes you through all the functions of the room providing an insight into the unlimited scope for innovative research

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Client chat

An inside look from a clients point of view as channel 4 show you why they chose theclickroom

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What is it?

The Clickroom is an innovative and unique research tool

It creates an interactive environment which not only engages, but provides a level of enjoyment for participants. It can be expensive to organise face-to-face groups in an environment which is interesting and relevant to the research concerned.

Participants from different areas of the country can get together in one place at a click of a button. Comfort and anonymity also encourage people to say what they really think.

Nobody feels as comfortable and safe as when they are sitting in their own home. Participants are more willing to give their opinions online when compared to being sat in a room facing relative strangers.

Time is our most valuable commodity and the virtual viewing facilities allow savings in abundance. Just log on using a username and password and you can view everything that is happening from the comfort of your own office - or even home for those late night groups!

The Process

How The Clickroom works

Pre recruited participants access the room using a username and password
Participants are provided with their online character which they can personalise
Moderator welcomes and runs the group using their online character
Multiple clients can view the group, not seen by the participants but are in direct contact with the moderator

Moderator chats to the group through typing into the admin console, participants respond and a chat history captures the whole discussion.

Stimulus materials including video, pictures, sound files and websites can be shown. Full electronic transcript available as soon as the group ends

Green Room

This is a waiting room for the main meeting. Each member of the group is in their own lobby until the group begins where they can communicate with the moderator

Main Area

A flash based interactive discussion group where media content (stimulus) can be added to aid the groups understanding of a subject

Breakout Area

An area where moderators can take a subset of the participants to discuss emerging themes, without addressing the entire group

Client Area

Allow clients to enter the world and witness the focus group live. Participants can be invited to the client area

The Benefits

Add a range of media content

This is displayed via an interactive white board for which the moderator has total control, it can display:

Websites / Links
Documents / Pdfs

Participants can highlight the areas they like on the stimulus using the positive and negative tools. Instant polls are also available against stimulus.
The stimulus can also be accessed via click-able objects (hotspots) in the room.

Modification if room design

Our in-house design team can create virtual viewing spaces that are tailored to individual specification and in sync with your corporate branding.

Modorators can view all private and public chats surrounding the meeting

Participants can be spoken to individually through the chat function which is ideal for sensitive issues. Clients can also watch the groups wihtout a visible presence to see the findings unfold and discuss privately with the moderator.

Full electronic transcripts are available immediately after the groups using the history function. The duration of the meeting is recorded via the moderator clock so usage can easily be monitored.

With Dubit you can speak to anyone you want

Dubit is a full service research agency and can also offer the following additional services:

Moderation of group
Drafting of discussion guide
Analysis of group transcript presented in the form of a report
Optional outputs - on screen recordings of groups taking place

All content is uploaded prior to the group commencing by the moderator and he/she has control of when the participants are allowed to view them.

Settings in sync with your topics

Create virtual settings to shape the mid frame and mood of the participants in sync with the topic of discussion as this helps them bcome even more immersed and open up. If you want to talk to them about holidays... lets put them in a beach!!

Participants are recruited from our own 'Informer' panel.

All are profiled and cross referenced with previous studies to find the most relevant participants for your research. If you want 14 year old girls who play Netball... that's what we will get you.

Customizing your appearance

The 'personal touch' of customising your avatar allows the participants to connect with their character and creates a level engagement and fun for the group.